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At the mutually arranged time and day, an Assessor from the MDA will arrive at your office. The assessment begins with a review of the exterior and entrance of your dental practice. In this area, the assessor will look to the appropriateness, safety and accessibility of the entrance area.

Issues relevant to appropriateness relate to signage, identification of providers and their training. Any product or service marketing or community posted advertising will also be reviewed in relation to the MDA Code of Ethics. Location and surrounding businesses will not be part of the assessment review.

Safety and accessibility interrelate in many areas. The condition of any private exterior walk way and entrance are safety factors considered by an assessor. While you are not responsible for the physical condition of any publicly controlled areas - for example sidewalks – clearance of obstructions like snow and ice should be reasonably performed on days patients will be attending the office.

More specific to accessibility is access for patients with characteristics recognized within The Human Rights Code. These characteristics primarily relate to physical disabilities and accommodation for wheelchairs. Generally, there are no mandatory requirements for specific accessibility provisions in existing buildings. There is an expectation reasonable accommodations will be made for patients with recognized characteristics.  Further information and resources on reasonable accommodations, recognized characteristics and other accessibility issues is available through the link.


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